“My name is José Gustavo Pérez and I am from Los Llanos. About 25 years ago, I started a road trip around Colombia and I fell in love with the Department of Magdalena when someone on the bus recommended I go to Minca, so I did! Once there, I built my grill on the side of the road and started to do what I cook best: Meat! After 10 years, some foreigners bought the property across the road, and eventually, they made me close after a lot of struggle. After coming such a long way in serving the community for more than ten years and grilling meat for all my life, I was not going to surrender. So finally, 9 months ago, I built my brick-and-mortar restaurant how I always dreamed.

There are two reasons why people keep coming: I treat my meat with respect and Cannabis! I have been using Cannabis since I was 12 years old and my body doesn’t hurt in any way. I’m here to teach you that Cannabis can be used in many ways and the concept that our society has planted in us is wrong; For example, in the mornings I drink cannabis tea with honey and I also use it as a condiment for meat and many other meals in the restaurant. The key ingredients for my seasoning are scallions, garlic, and Cannabis.

So many things are really all about perspective. I’m an 81 years old cook without education who uses Cannabis for its health and has been able to do what I have always dreamed of. I hope many visit me here in Minca to witness and taste my food.”