I’m Evodio Najera. Originally from Atlapexco, Hidalgo, Mexico, I have been in the world of tacos al pastor for 36 years.

My journey started at a young age, working in taquerias across Mexico. Beginning as a dishwasher at 14, I quickly progressed to become a Pastorero at 17, spending 14 years perfecting my craft at El Rey del Tacos in Pachuca.

My brother was pivotal in teaching me the art of being a Pastorero. One day, when he couldn’t make it to work, I stepped in, and within just eight days, I took over the role of Pastorero. It’s not just a job; it’s a beautiful art form, from flying pineapples to juggling. It’s definitely not something people learn in 8 days, but for me, it was natural—it was in my blood. I had seen it so many times that it just clicked.

What has defined me is never staying in one place. I’ve worked at fairs throughout the Mexican Republic, earning recognition and becoming a sought-after figure. Tacos al pastor are a common sight on every corner of Mexico, but they originated in Arandas, Jalisco. Being a pastorero is more than being a cook; we are entertainers and hosts! People come to visit not only because of the tacos but because of the experience you provide.

An opportunity arose when Mrs. Mariana contacted me in October 2022 while I was in North Carolina. Despite financial constraints and burnout from being on the road, I patiently waited for the right opportunity. When I finally joined on June 6th, 2023, it proved to be an excellent decision.

At Tacos El Porky, we not only offer the best in taste but also provide a catering service, bringing the Trompo experience live to your house or any event. I have made strong connections with some customers; they even text me beforehand to know if I’ll be at work.

I always remind my colleagues to serve customers with love because it sustains us. Regardless of our shoes or the luxury we desire, the essence lies in doing things well and excellently.

As Chalino Sanchez said, “I tip my hat to being representing the tacos al Pastor in Downtown Miami.