“When Covid-19 shut us down, I began looking at countries in Europe and Asia that had already been hit – trying to see what our future looked like. We saw that small, indoor restaurants weren’t going to make it. We knew it would be a long time until we would be able to open again, and our food wasn’t meant for takeout – so we decided to make a drastic change.

Luckily, one of our regulars is a landlord who had access to a large outdoor space for us to use. We now have a seating capacity of 80 instead of 8. And that’s what I like about Miami – we can dine outside all year long. Look at cities like New York, or Chicago. Right now, they’re good, but in a couple of months, that’s over.

We collaborate with other restaurants and chefs that we respect, some that never got the chance to reopen. We’re only able to open two days a week for now, but hopefully we can open more days soon, and keep bringing amazing food and great concepts.”