Alexander Mackey

I’m the culinary mind behind Bar Pif in Amsterdam. Hailing from Canada, my journey into gastronomy was a challenging path. It all began when my wife and I, both hairdressers at the time, found ourselves in Switzerland craving better meals than we could cook. So, we boldly decided to transition careers and dive into the food world.

After enrolling in culinary school in Canada, I was drawn to Vancouver’s culinary scene. Despite the challenges of COVID and visa uncertainties, my wife and I leaped to Europe, landing in Amsterdam just in time to join the team at Bar Pif.

Starting amid closures and restrictions was daunting, but it allowed me to develop dishes from the comfort of my own kitchen. Armed with a passion for natural wine and innovation, I created a solid menu.

At Bar Pif, we’re more than just a kitchen; we’re a tight-knit team dedicated to pushing culinary boundaries while fostering a supportive environment. From breadmaking to crafting dishes inspired by diverse culinary influences, each team member plays a vital role in bringing our creations to life.

In a city where tradition meets innovation, I strive to create dishes that reflect the eclectic tapestry of flavors I’ve encountered throughout my culinary journey. From Asian-inspired dumplings to Mexican food.

I remain committed to embracing change and challenging conventions as the industry evolves. With pop-ups, wine pairings, and seasonal food, I continue to push the boundaries of gastronomy while staying true to my roots. With each dish, I invite diners on a journey of flavors, exploring together the diverse influences that have shaped my culinary identity.

📸 & interviewed 🎤 by @delphine.cookk official HOTK Reporter