Ireland had longest lockdown for pubs and restaurants in Europe – report

Spring Covid-19 lockdown lasting 120 days by far the longest of any country in Europe. Photo credit: IT

Biden Would Be a Fool Not to Break Up Huge Food Conglomerates

His rural support might depend on it. Photo credit: MJ

The oldest Chinese restaurant in America

The oldest continuously-running Chinese restaurant in the U.S. isn't in San Francisco or New York. Photo credit: CBS

To survive winter restaurants need to reinvent

Change is on the horizon as the ‘gilded age’ of the local dining scene comes to a close and slow season approaches. Photo credit: MM

Don’t Get It Twisted: The US Government Decided to Let Independent Restaurants Die

In the face of crisis, we should view political inaction as a conscious choice. Photo credit: RR

Starbucks is giving every U.S. employee a raise of at least 10%

The company will also increase the premium that Starbucks pays above minimum wage in every market. Photo credit: NRN

How a Chef and Owner Navigate Dual Pregnancies and Staying Afloat During the Pandemic

We talk to the team behind Bessou about their unusual pandemic journey. Photo credit: EATER

Five Things That Can Make Or Break A Restaurant Today

We're still learning new ways to adapt and succeed. Photo credit: FORBES

NYC restaurants lose money, battle with customers over 10 p.m. curfew

“It’s not easy to get people to leave.” Photo credit: NYP

Food banks see big increase in demand during pandemic, before Thanksgiving

“COVID has put a lot of people out of work.“ Photo credit: KN

Venezuelan Olympian delivers food to support family

“There is no sponsorship now because there is no competition, but I still have to generate some resources to support my family.” Photo credit: ABC News

Hard-hit metro Detroit restaurant industry prepares for another shutdown during key season

“Indoor gatherings are the greatest source of spread, and sharply limiting them is our focus.“ Photo credit: DFP

Food Trends Forecast 2021: Being Healthy In A Post Covid-19 World

Capability, opportunity and motivation. Photo credit: Forbes

Enclosed Outdoor Dining Setups Could Be Cause for Concern, NYC Health Experts Say

Many restauranteurs feel they have no choice but to create these warmer setups. Photo credit: EATER

Midland chefs offer Thanksgiving dinner tips for novice cooks

How to execute turkey, side dishes. Photo credit: Midland DN

16 Overripe Foods to Cook Instead of Throw Away, According to Chefs

You knew about brown bananas, but there are so many more foods to keep around after peak ripeness. Photo credit: F&W

How to Find the Best Chef’s Knife For You

Before you find your dream knife, you have to know the two major styles. Photo credit: Bon Appetit

City Offering $10,000 Grants To Restaurants, Bars Hurt By Indoor Dining Ban

The grants are part of a slew of programs announced by the city Thursday to help people in the struggling hospitality industry. Photo credit: BCC

Restaurants Defend Dining Rooms as Covid-19 Spreads

Health experts say takeaway and outdoor dining remain safer. Photo credit: WSJ

Ghost Kitchens Are the Wave of the Future. But Is That a Good Thing?

Delivery-only restaurants could change the way the industry does business for years to come. Photo credit: EATER

‘Very serious situation’: Swedish PM announces tougher social distancing rules for restaurants

“What we are doing now is going to make a difference for how we get to celebrate Christmas.” Photo credit: RT

Can the Spanish learn to dine earlier to save restaurants from covid crisis?

“Dear English people, We will accept socks worn with sandals if you teach us to eat at 8pm.” Photo credit: The Local

London Restaurants Brace for the Second Closing

The vibe running up to it on Instagram was very “last supper”. Photo credit: EATER

Eating Local—More than Ever—Is a Political Act

What does it mean for our eating to nourish us? Photo credit: Civil Eats

Japanese craft breweries are turning unsold beer into gin

Kiuchi Brewery came up with a creative solution for unsold beer with the "Save Beer Spirits" initiative. Photo credit: CNNB

How Chefs Are Adapting Their Menus for Chilly Outdoor Dining

As temperatures drops, brace yourself for Photo credit: Bloomberg

Restaurants Prolong Outdoor Dining With Igloos, Heaters

Patio service is considered a stopgap until full dining-room service can resume. Photo credit: WSJ

6,500 new restaurants opened in September, despite coronavirus pandemic difficulties: report

Yelp's report found that restaurant openings are getting closer to 2018 and 2019 numbers. Photo credit: FB

Global Covid report: Paris under curfew as Europe battles soaring caseload

Nine French cities now under month-long curfew. Photo credit: TG

Ireland to go back into lockdown as Europe battles second wave

“If we do not act now, infections will continue to accelerate and there's a risk our NHS would be overwhelmed.” Photo credit: EN

NYC restaurants can add a new surcharge to your bill beginning today

Your next bill—whether it's for outdoor dining or indoors—could include up to a 10% surcharge. Photo credit: Time Out

Tales From Food Service’s Front Lines

Servers, cooks, bartenders and hosts all confront a new workplace reality. Photo credit: WSJ

McDonald’s, Chipotle and Domino’s Are Booming During Coronavirus

While your neighborhood restaurant struggles, the health crisis is creating a divide in the restaurant world. Photo credit: WSJ

Zen & the Art of Cooking Whole Hogs With Chef Rodney Scott

We chatted with the James Beard Award-winning Chef Rodney Scott about his signature pork dish and his outlook for 2020. Photo credit: TDB

Unveiling the next chapter: 50 Best launches 50 Next

A list of young people shaping the future of gastronomy. Photo credit: TW50B

Bon Appétit Rebuilds Video Slate With Eight New Chefs Following Wave of Protest Resignations

Condé Nast hopes to revive Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel. Photo credit: Variety

Bundle up: Outdoor dining at central Pa. restaurants is about to get chilly as winter arrives

How will outdoor dining look for restaurants as fall/winter arrives? Photo credit: PA

Save Money, Save the Environment and Help Local Restaurants: There’s an App for That

Too good to go lets you buy leftover prepared food that would otherwise go in the trash. Photo credit: WSJ

Married chefs scratch-make meals inside Cooper City gas station

“We don’t need much.” Photo credit: SS