International Chef Day: 5 Simple Ways to Celebrate and Appreciate!

Spotlight on India’s International Chef Day Initiatives and the Call for Worldwide Collaboration.

Do you know when International Chefs Day is? It’s coming soon, on Friday, October 20th!

In India, chefs are uniting for a cross-country road show and community initiative, “Chefs Ride 2023 – West Coast“, to raise awareness for International Chef’s Day and make it a public holiday across India by 2030. That made us stop and ask what the hell we are doing in our communities or workplaces to celebrate this important Day.

In a collaborative effort, Humans of the Kitchen is uniting with the movement to support and promote International Chef’s Day (ICD) in India and globally. While this Day is recognized worldwide, It lacks celebration and awareness. Instead of mere verbal acknowledgments (“Happy Chef Day”), we seek to shed light on the crucial role that chefs and cooks play in our society and raise awareness to celebrate them properly!

Start-End Cities: Thiruvananthapuram-Ahmedabad

Main Organiser: Chef Alan DMello (@alandmello)

Recognizing the significant progress achieved by International Chef’s Day in India since 2014, Humans of the Kitchen is committed to expanding the reach of their message. Collectively, we advocate for a transformative shift in how we celebrate the Day, envisioning it as a universal movement that honors all participants in a professional kitchen. This movement transcends workplace boundaries and business sizes, aiming to unite a community with a passion for culinary craftsmanship. Moreover, it seeks to garner overall respect and appreciation from the public and the communities served.

So, whether you’re a chef, a foodie, a cook, or a customer, these are 5 Simple Ways to Celebrate International Chef Day!

If you are a Cook or a Chef or part of the industry, consider this:

  1. Chefs, cooks, and restaurant owners should celebrate alongside their teams. Without the team’s efforts, the chef’s role or the restaurant’s success wouldn’t be possible. Therefore, on that day, acknowledge your team and share a special meal with them—take a bit more time during the family meal. Introduce a unique ingredient to experiment with something fresh together, fostering team bonding.

We might not all be chefs today, but we share a spark. The instant we sense the rush during service and invest our hearts in a dish—whether in a high-end kitchen, a small cafeteria, or even a street food cart—then vend it to the public, relishing their reactions as they indulge. This sensation is what unites us and merits celebration across the industry.

  1. Share a meal/snack with the less fortunate. Recognize that not everyone has the privilege of dining out. Restaurants with extra food can make a difference by giving back to the community. Sharing a meal with someone in need or even providing a table reservation to a family in difficult circumstances can have a tremendous impact. A small, heartfelt gesture can make a positive difference in the community and touch the lives of those who require support.

If you are a family, friend, or customer, consider this:

As restaurant customers, how many beautiful moments have you celebrated with your loved ones over food? Often taken for granted, it’s easy to forget that during that memorable New Year’s Eve dinner or that delightful meal, an entire team worked within the kitchen, foregoing fireworks and time with their families, all to be there for you. Overlooking the fact that not everyone is privileged enough to be served, some even develop a sense of entitlement, treating service industry professionals as if they are beneath them. 

  1. Going the extra mile by tipping the kitchen staff is a beautiful gesture. It’s worth considering if you can show appreciation for the chef or kitchen workers! Let the manager know it’s International Chef Day, and express your desire to contribute $10 or $20 to the kitchen. This small act can treat them to something special or a drink in the house! Such gestures can truly brighten someone’s evening.
  2. As a customer, one of the most impactful actions you can take on October 20th (International Chef Day) is to support a local restaurant. Whether you know a chef in your community or have a favorite small establishment, consider enjoying lunch or dinner there. Be kind and send compliments if you enjoy your meal. We often only speak up to say what’s wrong but not what was great.
  3. If you’re a friend or family member of a chef or a cook, consider preparing them a meal. We understand that cooking for them might seem a bit intimidating, but let’s set that aside. How often do people actually cook for chefs? Creating a meal for them represents an expression of love and kindness. Chefs frequently find themselves short on time to prepare their own meals after their shifts. Even when they do opt to dine at home, it’s typically something uncomplicated. So, cook a comforting meal for them, and you’ll undoubtedly brighten their day.

To conclude, it’s essential to recognize that the power to bring about change lies within us. There won’t be anyone else to come and improve our industry. The transformations occur through our daily actions and choices and by uniting to strive for a better future. Enhancing the visibility of International Chef Day is merely the starting point for the extensive effort required to elevate the industry. We wanted to share this message in advance so you can coordinate with your team. Just as we prepare for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, we should also prepare to organize and commemorate International Chef Day. Please tag us when you do!

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